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Tempo : 130 / 144 BPM
Duration ca. 61 min.

Classes : Circuit Training, Crossfit / Athletic, Functional, H.I.I.T., Interval, Tabata, TRX / Sling training,Workout
Music style: Charts, Dance / Electronic, House


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21,58 €
25,89 €

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Now is the time for a workout! Here heroes awaken to life and records are broken. Listen to our latest music for your very own masterpiece and benefit twice with our videos. Whether functional training, H.I.I.T., interval, toning, running, circuit training, the new Tabata #4 is simply an all-round weapon.
Selected music gems + workout videos result in a combination that has earned the name top class. Perfectly timed announcements support your interval training. Pushing beats that whip you forward, varied, uncompromising, great! Our Tabata #4 pampers body and mind and the best thing about it: we provide you with the perfect workout videos. Arne Derricks is one of the top international coaches in the field of functional training and you can feel this long experience. Arne knows exactly how to build an exercise, modify it and use music as a motivational tool to get the most out of everyone. Wonderfully exhausting and a real creative boost!
Enjoy your workout and don't forget: You are never too old to do sports!

8 cycles per track: 20s work // 10s rest

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